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Mr. David Kappos

Mr. Kappos is Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, Intellectual Property Law, for IBM Corporation.  Based in Armonk, New York , Mr. Kappos directs IBM’s Intellectual Property Law function, providing legal counsel over all facets of protecting the licensing IBM’s intellectual property assets and leading IBM’s engagement of intellectual property law policy issues.  In particular, Mr. Kappos is responsible for the management of IBM’s patent and trademark portfolios;  protecting and licensing intellectual property (patents, copyrights, trademarks, know how and technology) worldwide; directing intellectual property law operations relating to the research, marketing, services, consulting, systems, storage products, semiconductor and technology  development, printers and personal systems, software and other groups, divisions, and entities within IBM.  In addition, Mr. Kappos has responsibility for IP policy and coordination with IBM’s litigation and corporate development groups in matters relating to intellectual property. 



Mr. Kappos serves on the Board of Directors of the Intellectual Property Owners Association, Object Technology Licensing Corporation, and the International Intellectual Property Society.  He is also active in AIPLA, where he previously served as Co-Chair of the IP Practice in Japan Committee, and has held various previous leadership positions in intellectual property law associations in Asia and the U.S.  He has spoken widely around Asia and the U.S. on intellectual property topics.



Mr. Kappos received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of California Davis in 1983, and his law degree from the University of California Berkeley in 1990.   He joined IBM in 1983 as a Development Engineer and has served as an Intellectual Property Law attorney in IBM’s Storage Division and Litigation group, as IP Law Counsel in IBM Software Group, as Assistant General Counsel in IBM Asia/Pacific, IBM Corporate Counsel and as Assistant General Counsel prior to his current position.


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