Welcome to the German Studies Consortium

The UNC German Studies Consortium was approved by the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina in June 2000.

The UNC German Studies Consortium is a formal agreement among participating UNC institutions to facilitate the sharing of resources to enhance German Studies. The primary focus is the sharing of upper level German classes each semester. The Consortium also explores and encourages the development of emerging technological media for further cooperative course sharing. The Consortium seeks resources, external and internal, for faculty development at each institution in appropriate teaching methodologies. It encourages faculty engaged in German Studies in different disciplines (history, political science, music, art, etc.) to offer courses in German through the Consortium, thus enriching the breadth of German Studies at each institution.
Additionally the Consortium strengthens the networking of faculty, scholars, and students throughout the state. The Consortium sponsors inter-institutional events that expand the educational and cultural opportunities of our students. The Consortium seeks to create an atmosphere conducive to student learning by organizing events, study abroad opportunities, and academic programs.
Finally the Consortium seeks to address the needs of German language access in the public school systems within the state, through distance learning, teacher training, outreach programs and other initiatives.
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