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Scientific Coordinating Committee
2007 UNC Coastal Studies Institute
The Scientific Coordinating Committee


The UNC Coastal Studies Institute Scientific Coordinating Committee (SCC) is intended to assist and advise the board, director, faculty, staff, investigators and program heads on issues and ensuing efforts both long and short range.  In addition, the SCC is designed to serve as sounding board for techniques, ideas, problems, and provide referrals to other investigators in their respective fields. The committee will also help CSI staff review/develop internal and external position papers and statements on controversial issues, serve on faculty and staff search committees, and help develop program budgets, focus and efforts. The initial effort will be focused on assisting the Director and program head(s) with academic program development and the associated budget. 

Committee Member Selection
Committee members need to have a range of experience in both coastal issues in both applied and basic research, mutildisciplinary/collaborative research, extension, degree and non-degree credit teaching, as well as experience in the private and public sector issues as pertinent to the program area. 

Four to six persons are to represent each program area, serving an intial three year service period with renewals for one to three years as willing or relevant.

Committee program areas include:

Estuarine Ecology and Human Health
Coastal and Processes Engineering 
Coastal Sustainability
Maritime Heritage

Leadership and Frequency
Each program area committtee will be led by the Program Head.  While in the Program Head recruitment stage, each committee will elect a chair once a year during the annual meeting of the Coastal Studies Institute Board of Directors meeting.  Meetings with the Program Head or Director will occur as needed at the discretion of the Program Head.

Program Area Committee Members

Estuarine Ecology and Human Health
Dr. Jon Cole, Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Dr. Robert Christian, Department of Biology, East Carolina University
Mr. Dave Clark, PE, Town of Nags Head
Dr. Chris Martens, Department of Marine Science, UNC Chapel Hill 
Mr. Damon Tatem, Clean Water Management Trust Fund
Dr. Craig Tobias, Department of Earth Sciences, UNC Wilmington
Ms. Dana Newton, Marine Sciences Program Coordinator, College of the Albemarle
J.D. Potts, Recreational Waters Program, NC Division of Environmental Health
Dr. WW Kirby Smith, Duke Marine Laboratory, Nicholas School of the Environment
Dr. Ronald Sizemore, Department of Biology and Marine Biology, UNC Wilmington
Dr. James Rice, Department of Zoology, North Carolina State University
Mr. Maurice Crawford, Assistant Professor, Elizabeth City State University, Geological, Environmental and Marine Sciences

Coastal Processes and Engineering
Dr. Stephen Culver, Department of Geology, East Carolina University
Dr. Harvey Seim, Department of Marine Sciences, UNC Chapel Hill
Dr. Richard Luettich, Director, UNC Chapel Hill Institute of Marine Sciences
Dr. Margery F. Overton, Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering, North Carolina State University
Dr. Reide Corbett, Department of Geology, East Carolina University
Dr. Jeffery L. Hansen, USACE-ERDC-CHL, Field Research Facility
Dr. Malcom A. LeCompte, Interim Director of Research, Center of Excellence in Remote Sensing, Education and Research, Elizabeth City State University
Dr. Richard Lews, Department of Geography and Geology, UNC Wilmington
Dr. Jinchun Yuan, Department of Mathematics of Computer Science, Elizabeth City State University

Public Policy and Coastal Sustainability
Dr. Steve Smutko, Agriculture and Resource Economics Extension Specialist, North Carolina State University
Dr. Ron G. Hudson, Director, NC Sea Grant Program
Mr. Ray Meigs, Camden County Citizen, Agribusiness
Mr. Web Fuller, Dare County Citizen, Municipal Government
Dr. Joseph D. Fridgen, Department of Recreation and Leisure Services, East Carolina University
Mr. Francisco C. San Juan, Elizabeth City State University
Ms. Norma Mills, UNC School of Government
Dr. Jeffrey Wright, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Mr. William McLellan, Department of Biology and Marine Biology, UNC Wilmington
Dr. Christopher Dumas, Department of Economics and Finance, UNC Wilmington
Ms. Althea Riddick, VP of Instruction, College of the Albemarle
Dr. Michael Voiland, Director, North Carolina Sea Grant
Dr. David Eggleston, Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, North Carolina State University
Ms. Patricia Raves, Education Curator, NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island

Maritime Heritage
Dr. Nathan Richards, Department of Maritime Studies, East Carolina University
Mr. Joseph Schwarzer, Executive Director, Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum
Dr. Michael Voiland, Director, North Carolina Sea Grant

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