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The UNC Coastal Studies Institute
Formed in 2003, the UNC Coastal Studies Institute (UNC-CSI) is an inteBodie Island Lightr-university research institute located in Skyco on Roanoke Island. It is the mission of the UNC Coastal Studies Institute to undertake research, offer educational opportunities, provide community outreach programs, and enhance communication among those concerned with the unique history, culture and environment of the maritime counties of North Carolina. 

Research and education programs of the UNC Coastal Studies Institute address pressing coastal issues and topics of concern to northeastern North Carolina. Place-based research with real world application to this region allows UNC-CSI to remain nimble as it provides unbiased scientific information to decision makers, resource managers and the public.

UNC-CSI’s research focuses on five main areas:
While the institute emphasizes northeastern North Carolina in its outreach and education programs, its research draws on the resources of the entire region and encompasses all of the mid-Atlantic and southeastern coast of the United States.
 Bodie Island Creek

UNC-CSI is also intended to provide North Carolina universities with the opportunity collectively to develop a greater niche in North Carolina coastal research.  UNC-CSI augments and enhances existing university programs by promoting and extending their research efforts, providing a venue for inter-institutional cooperation, and offering a new national resource for coastal and ocean education.
UNC-CSI's Board of Directors is the advising body for the Coastal Studies Institute. The Board's membership consists of professionals with experience and expertise in coastal issues including research, education, outreach, development and policy. 

In addition to the Board of Directors, the UNC Coastal Studies Institute receives direction from the Scientific Coordinating Committee (SCC).  This committee is intended to assist and advise the Coastal Studies Institute on both current and future research, education and outreach efforts. 
The UNC Coastal Studies Institute Foundation, Inc. aids, supports and promotes teaching, research and service in the various educational, scientific, scholarly, professional, artistic and creative endeavors of the UNC Coastal Studies Institiute.

UNC Coastal Studies Institute Campus

The UNC Coastal Studies Institute has completed the first phase of construction with completion of the Research and Education Building and the Marine Operations Building late in 2012. Staff and faculty moved into the new facilities December 12, 2012.

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