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March 2, 2016

Registration Begins for UNC CSI Summer Camps on March 1

UNC CSI will offer four summer experiences this year for students 10-15 years old. 

Coastal Science Camp : Exploring Estuaries is offered 6/20 - 6/24.  This camp will introduce students to the different research projects at UNC CSI while exploring the different aquatic ecosystems of the Outer Banks.

Coastal Science Camp: Marine Science is offered 7/11 - 7/15.  Participants in this camp will experience the environments of the Outer Banks as they collect data in the different ecosystems of our barrier island system.  Each day will include exciting challenges through fun, educational experiences. 

Registration is currently open for the Coastal Science Camps.  These camps are $250 and will begin at 9 a.m. and end each day at 3:30 p.m. at UNC CSI  at 850 highway 345, Wanchese, NC 27981.  Contact David Sybert at or 252-475-5451 to register for camp or with any questions. 

A new experience we are offering this year is a Surf and Science Camp that is being offered in partnership with Jennette's Pier.  Registration for the Surf and Science Camp begins on March 7 at Jennette's Pier website :

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Employment Opportunities:

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CSI Tours

Tours of CSI are available on Wednesdays at 1:00. Tours are free but please call Kimberly Armstrong at 475-5404 for reservations.

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The Summester at the Coast
UNC-CSI Hosts Undergraduate Classes

Students work in the field with Dr. CorbettThe Summester at the Coast is a new month-long undergraduate education program that will study North Carolina's northeastern coast.  The program enables students to live and learn on the Outer Banks, taking coastal-focused classes for university credit.  Classes will be hosted at the UNC Coastal Studies Institute's Research and Education Campus on Roanoke Island.  Courses will be instructed by faculty from UNC system schools and enhanced with field trips and input from local experts. 

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 UNC-CSI Published Papers

UNC-CSI PublicationsThe UNC Coastal Studies Institute provides North Carolina Universities the opportunity to develop a greater niche in coastal research in North Carolina
.  Research conducted by UNC-CSI is published in peer reviewed scientific papers.  Published papers by the faculty of the Institute have real world applications and assists policy and decision makers on important coastal issues. Click the link provided to view selected publications of research by the faculty of the UNC Coastal Studies Institute.

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>>Recent Coastal Engineering Publication

The Outer Banks Field Site

OBXFSThe Outer Banks Field Site (OBXFS; formerly the Albemarle Ecological Field Site) has been providing undergraduate students with a semester-long place-based educational experience each fall since 2001. The UNC Coastal Studies Institute has hosted the OBXFS since 2008. The UNC Chapel Hill Institute for the Environment fall semester program provides a strong grounding in public policy and management; extensive hands-on learning through collecting, analyzing, and presenting data; and memorable experiences exploring the Outer Banks inside and outside the classroom. Interested undergraduate students (from anywhere!) can learn more at the OBXFS website and blog or the Institute for the Environment Field Site website and apply through the UNC Chapel Hill Study Abroad Office.

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UNC-CSI Leads Renewable Ocean Energy Project

The tidal changes at Oregon Inlet provide a near constant source of water movementThe UNC Coastal Studies Institute (UNC-CSI) is leading a renewable ocean energy research program that is focused on the potential of waves, tides and currents to generate energy with the intent of facilitating the creation of new economies for North Carolina. This program is being conducted with the Colleges of Engineering at NC State (NCSU), UNC Charlotte (UNCC), and North Carolina A&T Universities (NC A&T). This program is now in it's second year, and has awarded funds to research projects deemed deserving by a technical advisory committee.

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UNC-CSI and Partners Document WWII Shipwrecks

A diver on the 2011 Battle of the Atlantic Expedition documents the Dixie Arrow, a vessel sunk during WWII.
This summer will mark the fifth year of study and documentation of vessels lost in North Carolina waters during the Battle of the Atlantic in WWII.  UNC-CSI assists NOAA's Office of Marine Sanctuaries, East Carolina University, RENCI, NC Department of Transportation and the Minerals Management Service in archaeological expeditions to document what remains of these vessels.  The Battle of the Atlantic in WWII was fought within miles of our shoreline, and it is a story that few have heard.  For more information on the expedition check the
NOAA Marine Sanctuaries website and our facebook page

Estuarine Habitat's Nitrogen Removal Evaluated

Oyster Reef Habitat
In a recent manuscript in the Ecological Society of America journal Ecosphere titled Habitat-specific distinctions in estuarine denitrification affect both ecosystems function and services,
Estuarine Ecology and Human Health Program Head, Dr. Mike Piehler and graduate student Ashley Smyth quantified the removal of nitrogen by estuarine habitats as an ecosystem service by comparing denitrification rates and identifying factors that may affect specific rates of denitrification in salt marshes, seagrass beds, oyster reefs, intertidal flats and subtidal flats.  

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